Cultural Experiences

Concert Series

Cultural ConcertsFeaturing highly accomplished local and national musicians, the Boulder Public Library Concert Series has become a symbol of quality music programming in Boulder. Free concerts range from reflective music meditations to lively jazz performances to inspiring classical concerts. Whether you leave humming a familiar theme from a classical piece or commenting on an amazing saxophone solo, your attendance confirms the power of music in our lives.

Cinema Program

At a time when movie theatre prices continue to soar and a multitude of online movie services remove the captivating experience of “the big screen,” the Boulder Public Library Cinema Program could not be more relevant. With free weekly movie showings, it breathes new life into experiencing award-winning movies, cult classics, and international cinema.

Canyon Theater Sound System

Demands on the Canyon Theater’s audio system are evolving at the same pace at which technology is in our lives. After careful evaluation, improvements and updates are being installed to increase the quality of sound and attract a wider range of talent to the theater. With a top-notch audio system, Canyon Theater programs and events will have an even stronger and far-reaching impact in the community.

Carnegie Branch Library for Local History Programs

The Maria Rogers Oral History Program of video- and audio-taped interviews preserves the history of Boulder and Boulder County for future generations from the personal perspective of diverse citizens. Complementing this project, the Foundation funds an ongoing digital collection of photographs that document Boulder’s physical structures—focusing on structures about to be demolished, local landmarks to cherish, and new construction driving Boulder’s evolution as a city.

Grants in the Making: Canyon Gallery Traveling Exhibits, Family Fringe Festival, Boulder Fringe Adventurer’s League

Providing Free Cultural Programming