An Interview with Founder Doris Hass

Founder, Doris Hass

Founder, Doris Hass

Doris, you are a native of New York. Tell us about your life before Boulder. What brought you to Colorado? I grew up on Long Island. I received an art degree from Hunter College and a Master’s in Education from NYU, and taught art for a number of years. My husband graduated from CU-Boulder and moved back to New York. We were raising our two young children in a one-bedroom apartment in Long Island, and wanted to move to Boulder to create a better family life. When a Boulder friend called to tell us that there was one lot left on a road in our favorite neighborhood, in 1958 we made the move and built our house (that I still live in today).

What inspired the start of the Boulder Library Foundation? After serving on the Boulder Library Commission, I worked with Marcelee Gralapp, the library director at the time, to create a vision for the money donated to the Library through the will of a patron. The Foundation grew out of this, and was created to make a good library even better and empower the staff to dream big about the programs the Library could offer—then provide opportunity to see these ideas fulfilled.

The Foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014. What do you most attribute to its success? Boulder is a community of library lovers.
Doris Hass 1970s

Doris Hass, 1970s

What is a favorite experience you’ve recently had at a Foundation-funded event?
Two weekend performances of Luna Itzel’s “Songs of Mexico” in the Canyon Theatre. I went to both and saw a lot of attendees come back for the second show, which says a lot. I also enjoyed watching the multi-generation families that attended. There was a grandfather keeping time to the music next to his adult children and grandchildren.

When most excites you about the future of the Boulder Library Foundation? The opportunity to provide creative programs that serve the entire Boulder community as it evolves into more of an international community. And continue to support new generations who are more ‘computerized’ than ‘bookized.’ If we serve kids well, the library will stay with them for a lifetime.
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