Board of Directors

We’re delighted to provide leadership for the Boulder Library Foundation, including a bi-annual grant review and selection process, fundraising initiatives, and community outreach. We bring a variety of experience, expertise, and ideas to sustain the Foundation’s mission, expand its reach, and support new initiatives.

Isaac Andres

Board member since 2018

Program manager, volleyball player, father of two

I am very passionate about literacy and the positive impact it has on society. Libraries have an extremely important role in leveling the playing field by enabling access to books and information for everyone.

Hal Brown

Board member since 2018

The library, a classy place to read the classics!

Philip Foster, Secretary

Board member since 2016

Adventurer, grandfather, volunteer

I love how the library merges the traditional library with today’s technology to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Alicia Gibb, Vice-President

Board member since 2016

Feminist, creative technologist, entrepreneur

I love the newly minted BLDG61 most about the library!

Doris Hass, Founder

Board member since 1974

Michelle Lee

Board member since 2018

Urbanist/Minimalist and enthusiast of cultural happenings around town.

I love the bold and innovative approach our Library has taken with the Bldg 61 MakerSpace, Seeds Cafe, and unique combination of services and programming that you don't find anywhere else in Boulder. It's an inspiring place to be!

Kazuyo Morita

Board member since 2017

Mom, brand geek, cookie connoisseur. The children’s programs at the Library are amazing!

Tim O’Shea

Board member since 2016

Tim Plass, President

Board member since 2016

Community activist, local foodie, hiker

What I like best about the Library is The Seeds Café—a place to read a good book, enjoy local food, or meet a friend in a beautiful setting overlooking Boulder Creek.

Jeff Quick, Treasurer

Board member since 2016

Walker of dogs, reader of books, practicer of law

I love that the Boulder Public Library is transforming what it means to be a library. It has all the great books but also dozens of events and programs for all ages which educate, inspire, and unite.

Joni Teter

Board member since 2018

Library nerd, sustainability geek, library commissioner

Our library plays so many roles! It's an engine of social and economic mobility, a platform for hands-on, collaborative learning and a trusted and inclusive place where people from all walks of life come together. (And then there are all those books...)

Tim Williams

Board member since 2017

Animal lover, sports fanatic, and food and wine geek.

The library is the gateway for anywhere you want to go, anything you want to do, and anything you want to learn.